Soil is Life, is Food, is Future

Preliminary Programme (ongoing)

A – Introduction
* Welcome by the Organisers – Maurizia Punginelli – #lasolastrada
* European Commission – Andrea Vettori – DG Environment
* Technical rules for Round Table – Dorelia Lipsa – #lasolastrada

B – ROUND TABLE (Moderator: Suzana Carp) 
Soil problems and solutions:
* Land Tenure – Evelin Jürgenson – PhD, Associate Professor at Estonian University of Life Sciences
* International Institutions – Ronald Vargas – FAO Global Soil Partnership
* EU Parliament – Eleonora Evi – ENVI Committee
* European Farmers and Farm Workers – Attila-Miklòs Szőcs-Boruss – European Coordination Via Campesina
* Biological farmers – Eric Gall – IFOAM Organics International
* Private industry – Florence Jeantet – Managing Director, OP2B One Planet Business for Biodiversity
* Builders – Paul Cartuyvels – President, ECTP European Construction Technology Platform
* Local Administrators – Matilde Casa – Mayor of Lauriano (Torino)
* Unions – Arnd Spahn – Political Secretary Agriculture Sector EFFAT European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions
* Farmers – Sarah Singla – APAD Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture
* Research – Eleonora Bonifacio – Vice-president, Italian Society of Pedology (SIPe)

INTERVENTIONS by floor participants

VIDEO I’m the Soil by Riccardo Mei

* Recommendation for COP26 – All speakers

INTERVENTIONS by floor participants

D – Emerging convergences
comparative analysis by external commentators

* Hannes Lorenzen – President ARC 2020 – Agriculture and Rural Convention
* Martina Comparelli – Italian Spokesperson – Friday For Future
* Dr. Edward Mueller – Common Earth, Roadmapping National-Scale Regeneration Working Group
* Barbara Geiger – Actress, Fraulein Brehms-Tierleben

E – Comments by speakers and by floor participants

F – Closing remarks
– Mario Catizzone – SEG Referent, Save the Landscape Forum

N.B. A cartoonist will accompany the meeting with his drawings.

The round table will be recorded and a related publication will be produced, subject to agreement from every speaker.

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